Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Best Kind Of Dish Towel

I do not have a dishwasher. Unless you count my own two hands....or the hands of my kids....or my husband. We have all taken our turn standing at the kitchen sink.

I know the kids wish we had a dishwasher, but I don't mind being without. I actually hate them. It seems like such a hassle to load everything down into it, then unload everything back up. My dirty dishes sit on the right side of my counter, my clean ones stack in the drainer on the left. I do not bend down unless I drop a spoon.

The problem I have is, I usually have too many dishes for the one drainer. Some have got to be dried and put away before I can fit more in. And I want them DRY. No wet cups suctioned together for me.

Having a decent dish towel is important. I am less about the cuteness or the color matching my kitchen scheme and more about the fact that the towel needs to dry the dishes. Not smear drops of water around to create an all around damp dish.

Enter this old school favorite: flour sack dish towel. This is the best towel in the world. It absorbs water, my cups are dry, and it's pretty darn cute. My sisters and I fairly separated out a stack of towels and table cloths between the three of us and I got these darling ones. I was so nervous to use them because they are so cute. My current dish towels are ragged things, used to dry dishes and to wipe chocolate cake batter off my fingers.

These little squirrels are not going to be pristine and clean for very long in my kitchen.
But they can dry a dish like nobody's business, and I love that!

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  1. Mine are in a sad state, but I agree, best dish towels ever!