Friday, August 26, 2011

Why I'm Not Shaving My Legs

Usually the reasons why I skip that final step in making myself perfectly put together is because I am lazy. Shaving takes so much time and I have usually putzed around until I only have 5 minutes to shower.

This week I have been suffering greatly from side affects of our camping trip; namely, 28+ bug bites and several scratches. The bites are, of course, driving me insane with the itchy itchiness of it all, and the scratches are big enough to have scabbed over.

I do not want to run a razor over bug bites or scratches! And I have ten bites on one leg. I decided the risk wasn't worth it.

But today, I thought I might shave. Carefully. Give myself plenty of time. No rush.

Yeah right! Instead I have putzed around and it's so past time for me to be getting ready!

There is always tomorrow....

Camping is so worth a little bit of stubble!!

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