Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Welcome To The Modern Age

I'm one of those people who doesn't like change.

I still have VHS tapes and I still watch them on my VCR.

But it was getting harder and harder to listen to my music CD's when everyone else in the family has iPods and sound systems designed to play said iPods and while I like a lot of the music on their iPods, lots of music I loved was missing.

My number one reason for not wanting an iPod is I do not like things in or on my ears, so those little ear buds are out. My family goes everywhere with their iPods plugged in to their ears. That is not for me.

But my lack of good music options led me to ask for an iPod for my birthday. My husband was shocked! But had been thinking along the same lines: he was going to get me a CD player.

I was overwhelmed by my new iPod before I even get it out of its packaging! It's so sleek and new fangled and how do I decide what music to download onto it? I want ALL of my music but there is no way that is possible.

My daughter sat down with me and for HOURS we went through my music CDs and downloaded them and listened to each song and picked my favorites. I kept saying, "I love that one," so by the end of the night, with my first session of downloading songs, my iPod was more than 3/4 full and I still had a ton of music I wanted and I hadn't even started using my iTunes gift card....

I was a bit obsessed for a few days!

But now it's been a week and my iPod is plugged into the speakers and I am listening to my favorites while I cook, do dishes, read, blog.....

Look at me! I've stepped into the modern age of music listening, and I've got to tell you, it is bliss.

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