Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Oreos: Regular Or Double Stuff

I have always considered myself a regular Oreo kind of girl. I like double stuff, but have you noticed you don't get as many cookies?

I have.

And I am all about the number of cookies. I can have 4 regular Oreos or two double stuff...hmm....decisions, decisions.

My husband loves double stuff (he recently said mint double stuff are his favorites) but he will make do building his own double stuff out of two regular ones. I love the white filling (what is that anyway? The best stuff on earth?) but the cookie part is so, so good. Sounds kind of gross now, but as a kid I'd eat the cookie part after my sister licked her white filling off.

While my husband and son were camping, my daughter and I bought some Oreos, regular, thank you very much. And they were good. I ate way too many. I went to work the next day and there was a ziploc baggy of double stuff Oreos in the kitchen. I'm usually suspect of baggies of cookies (always wanting to know where it came from, imagine that) and I wasn't going to eat one, but my lunch just needed something extra.

Holy Moly.

It was so good. So very good, I might be tempted to buy double stuff next time we want Oreos.

I finally understand. There is a difference, it is a delicious improvement, and eating two versus four doesn't really seem like a big deal anymore. They are that good!

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