Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Summer Of Winter

I just read that the Pacific Northwest has had 78 minutes of summer this year.

78 Minutes Of Summer.

And judging by the fact that I shut all the windows, turned off the fan, wore winter pajamas to bed and pulled up the heavy quilt to once again be part of our bedding, I would whole heartedly agree with that.

It's been a brisk summer. A tad chilly. I haven't really broken out the tank tops or short skirts. I didn't put away the winter quilt, even though I threatened to. I kept all my long sleeve shirts in the dresser instead of switching out to my summer wardrobe.

But you know what? That's okay. Sure, I want sunshine and hot weather. I'm not really in the mind set for it to feel like autumn, and pumpkin harvesting is just around the corner and it's only mid July. I'd like to sit outside around the fire pit without actually needing a jacket and sweatshirt, long pants and thick socks in spite of the fire throwing off heat. I did watch my kids put on layers of shirts, jackets and even a scarf to go walk down town last night. That isn't what this summer is about.

It's the summer of winter! I kind of prefer this than the summer I remember of my childhood, with a drought going on and everyone praying for rain.

Guess what? Those prayers have been answered! Let's just be thankful for the day. I'll try to stop complaining if you try. It'll be a joint effort. We will agree to not begrudge other people in the country who have hot weather and actually have enjoyed a popsicle and a run through the sprinkler. We will slip on our jackets and agree that it could be worse.

Our lawns could be dead and brown from lack of rain. Actually, that is one part of summer I don't mind. Less yard work when the grass quits growing!


  1. I couldn't bring myself to read the article, it was too depressing! I am glad that I stopped my plans and took the boys to the wading pool this week, even though I felt it was a tad too chilly. Who knows when it will hit 70 again!

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