Monday, July 11, 2011

Fourteen Years Ago Today.....

Fourteen years ago today, four weeks early, our baby girl was born. I was telling everyone I wanted a boy, but that was just to hedge my bets with fate. I thought the baby was a girl, but if I was wrong, I wanted it out there for the universe to know that a boy was good too.

My doctor told me that he thought we'd see a baby at 2:00 PM. At 2:01 PM, our daughter made her entrance into the world......with a cap of dark hair, huge dark eyes, perfect except for a white waxy coating all over her due to being early and slightly purple hue due to the cord around her neck.

She had a big brother who loved her, but being less than 2, and us having only referred to her as "baby", called her Baby as her name. She had a Daddy who was so immensely proud to have a daughter and was marvelling at her accomplishments when all she could do was look around and blink. She had a Mommy who quickly realized she was the most perfect, in every way perfectly perfect, baby in the whole world.

Fourteen years later, big brother still loves her and hasn't called her Baby in 13 years and 11 months. Dad is even more proud and brags about all her accomplishments to anyone who holds still for a second. And Mom has quickly realized she has the most perfect, in every way perfectly perfect, 14 year old in the whole world.

Happy Birthday, L! You've made our life better in every way.


  1. This brought tears to my eyes. Have I told you, Michelle, how much I admire you and Eric as parents and your family as a unit? I pray that when my kids are 14 and 16 we all enjoy each other's company as much as you do. I'm inspired by the frienship your family shares and this post so perfectly shows that. Happy Birthday, Leah! You were born into an amazing family (extended family included!) :)

  2. Thanks Marilee! We usually say it works because we have Beagles (Beagles make everything better!) but I really think it's because we have treated our kids the way we want (and wanted as kids) to be treated. Just because they are "kids" doesn't mean they aren't deserving of respect. But, yes, our amazing extended family has "totes" influenced our lives and choices for the better!