Friday, July 15, 2011

So Of Course, That's How It Goes

I have a few quirks, little things I do that make me feel better. I never leave my pajamas on the floor because a spider might crawl in them. I always shake my towel out before drying off in case a moth is in it. I usually don't get in the shower until I've looked for spiders, because in the spider jet set, the tub is the place to be.

Yesterday, as I looked and didn't see a spider for like the millionth day in a row, I kind of wondered if I really needed to look, to give the shower curtain a shake, check up high in the corners. I mean, come on. I haven't seen a spider in the shower in ages.

So of course, this morning I don't check.

And as I'm soaping up my hair, I see something dark against the white of the tub. Being without my glasses means I have to get closer to see what it is.

Oh yes. It is a pretty freaking huge spider. In the tub with me. Way too close to my shoeless feet.

I killed it with the conditioner bottle, then washed it down the drain. I'm not a spider killing machine. I've felt pretty guilty about it in the recent years and try to let spiders alone as long as they leave me alone.

But all rules are off if a spider decides it's shower time at the same time as me.

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  1. I agree! Always shake the towel out before I use it! So sorry about the big spider!