Thursday, July 7, 2011

The Bummer Of Rain And Convertables

I have a little red car that I love to put the top down and zip around in when the weather is warm. Or just not raining.

The bummer of it is that I forget to put the top back up. Constantly. And it is for certain that if I leave the top down, it will rain.

I am speaking from experience.

I woke up last night, woke my husband up, and asked if it would rain today because I just remembered I left the top down on the car. He said nope, no rain. Don't worry.

I went back to sleep and low and behold, today it is raining.

Rain in the summer is a huge bummer. All I want to do is leave the top down and have it ready for me to jump in and go....

Worse now, the insides of the car are damp and it will need to dry out before I want to get back in.

Sunshine, sunshine, where for art thou sunshine?

I could use some help in the drying out department. I'll just put the top down and let you do the rest.

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