Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Does It Really Count?

I brought back a ton of salt water taffy and other assorted candy from Seaside. It has filled a giant bowl normally reserved for popcorn almost full to the top.

My husband suggested he was going to limit his intake to four pieces a day, to pace himself and allow a chance to savor the candy, to really enjoy it.

Good idea! I can do that too!

That being said, I ate TEN pieces last night. It was just so freaking good, I went a little nuts.

Today, I am back on the four pieces of candy band wagon, but hard candy doesn't really count, right?

It's like totally the lowest form of candy. You wouldn't count a tic-tac as candy, would you? And since it is NOT the soft, chewy delicious taffy I am craving, I say it doesn't count towards the 4 piece limit.

Now to see if I have anything besides peppermint in my purse!

1 comment:

  1. I tried to limit myself also, but then I dumped all my taffy in with the boys and now all the good flavors are gone! I ate one today that I thought was strawberry and it was really bubble gum - gross!