Wednesday, June 22, 2011

One Of Us Is A Fickle Thing

Is it Time or is it me?

Some days Time drags on so slowly, one hour feels like three, and nothing is happening to warrant a slow in, I am not having fun, let's fast forward to the fun stuff.

But then we get to the fun stuff, the stuff I want to take my time with, to savor and enjoy and Time flies by faster than Superman, as in, faster than a speeding bullet.

Tonight our daughter graduates from eighth grade. Two years ago, when our son left middle school behind, it was exciting. High school on the horizon! Now it's our youngest, and it's not quite as exciting.

It's always been that way for me. The oldest going first, forging the way, and each new step is so thrilling. Then our youngest starts to make those same steps and my excitement is bittersweet.

I can think this is the last day in preschool, or elementary school, or middle school. This is the last moment I have a baby, a toddler, a pre-teen. But it's the other moments that slip by that I would really like Time to slow it's roll, like the last moment a snuggle up was asked for, the last time blankie made an appearance, the last time little legs claimed exhaustion and begged to be carried.....

Those are the moments I really would like to have Time slow down on. Not just a slow down, but maybe Time could tap me on the shoulder and whisper in my ear, "This is the moment you want to remember."

Because, I, in all my fickle glory, tend to race through those moments with my thoughts on what will happen next.

I think I felt Time tapping, and I know I heard a whispered reminder. Watching my almost 14 year old daughter gracefully move through a crowd of her peers, her confidence and poise and all around loveliness shining bright, this is a moment I want to remember.


  1. This is true with birth order. And what I find is that my middle gets lost in the fog a bit. A big deal is shown emotionally toward my oldest and then my youngest, but the middle kind of gets pushed along with not quite as much fanfare.

  2. So sweet Michelle! I agree, as Finn turns 2 and says "boy" for big boy all the time, I am sad to not have a little newborn to hold. But I am happy to be sleeping at night and only have one in diapers!