Monday, September 12, 2011

A Disservice To My Future DIL

I might be doing a disservice to my future daughter in law. It just depends on how she feels about ironing dress shirts. If she loves it, then it's okay. If she hates it, well, um...that's going to be tough.

My son's wardrobe consists mainly of button up dress shirts. And they all need to be ironed before they are worn. I usually iron once a week, when I've got a sizable pile of 10-14 shirts, and I just turn on the TV and iron.

Not that I like to iron. I actually hate it. But it's got to be done, and when he's dressed in his outfit of choice, he looks so handsome, the ironing is worth it.

I had thought to have him iron his own shirts, but the one time I tried to teach him (and remember, he and I do not do that very well) I got frustrated and said I would just do it. It's easier for me to whip them out and less chance he'll burn his fingers or the house down.

I've started to give serious consideration to the fact that I will be sending him out into the world mostly clueless as to how to iron a shirt.

Well, boot camp or a wife will take care of that. I just have to keep doing it until one or the other arrives on the scene!


  1. Wow, you are amazing. I rarely iron. I must say, I feel sorry for your future son-in-law. BTY, I loved your comment on my blog post. Thank you so much for your experience.

  2. STOP ironing his shirts! What is he going to do in 2 years when he moves out? I don't even iron Brandon's shirts, or really my own, too much work!