Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Pied Piper Of Dogs

I am the Pied Piper of our Dogs.

When they get released from their crates in the morning, the first place they run is to find me in our bed. If I am up, but lets say, using the facilities, they will sit outside the bathroom door, sometimes patiently, sometimes scratching at it to hurry me up.

They sit at my feet when I do the dishes. They curl up close to me when I read my book. They stand outside the fence when I weed the veggie garden. They sprawl out in the grass next to me as I stain the fence. They rush the car when I pull into the driveway after work.

Once when we were camping, I got up in the night and Olive pushed open the trailer door and followed me to the restroom. I was a bit surprised to see a little Badger peering around the door jam. I sure got a kick out of not needing a leash for her....she never left my heels the whole trip.

But in the mornings, that is when my sirens call is the most noticeable. When I make any move that might be construed as getting up, the dogs leap out of bed. They watch me with intense eyes, follow me around the house, sit next to me at the table, and if I saw the word "walk", whoa be it if I do not immediately follow that up with tying my shoes and finding some leashes.

I don't mind. Unless it's a day I am not walking....then their sad eyes and hang dog faces make me feel sooooo guilty! We've had a great run of walking weather, but they had better prepare themselves: winter is coming!

And I can't Pied Piper the dogs on the Wii. They don't like to stand on the balance board.

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