Thursday, September 29, 2011

On Music Playlists

After downloading every CD I could find in our house (and making a list of the ones I couldn't find but know I own...Beyonce's Single Ladies I am talking to you), I threw songs willy nilly into playlists on my iPod. Classic Country, Older Country, Country Girls, Country Boys, Oldies, Rock (which my daughter has pointed out can't be too Rocking if most of the songs come from the Shrek soundtrack), Songs I Just Love and Songs For Tears (because who doesn't need a playlist of songs that are guaranteed to make you cry?).....

My daughter told me I would get so tired of my Songs I Just Love playlist and I would regret it. Well, not so much. I LOVE those songs and would listen to that collection exclusively except then I feel guilty for the days and nights I made my daughter help me download all those other nice songs that turns out I don't love as much.

My son was saying I have 600 songs and I only listen to 20. I rushed to assure him he was so wrong. My favorite playlist is 14 songs long.

I do try to listen to other songs. I will try an album and get one song into it, and think, this is not quite what I was in the mood for. Turns out I know myself pretty well. Songs I Just Love is what I'm in the mood for!

Or sometimes Songs For Tears. I so enjoy a good Where Have You Been song.

Now I must stop thinking of playlists and iPods because I should be getting ready for work and now all I want to do is plug in and sort songs into new playlists such as Country Songs From Childhood or Songs That Make Me Want To Dance, or Songs For Romantic Candlelit Dinners.

I need a day off of work to work on this!

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  1. You need to post the 14 songs then! I want to know what they are!