Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Creature Looking At Me

10:00 PM is my witching hour. It's the time of every night that my mind and body start crying out for bed. I drag myself off the couch to do my one night time chore.

While my husband makes his lunch, gives eye drops to one dog and crates all three, turns off the lights and locks all the doors, and carries cups of water up to our thirsty kids who are in need of tucking in, I set up the pot of coffee so all he has to do is push the button on on the next morning and enjoy a cup of my super strong coffee.

I was pulling the coffee out of the fridge when I casually looked out the back door window, not expecting to see anything but the boys' project truck.....but there was a creature in the cab of the truck, staring at me through the truck window.

Holy Moly.

It was freaky with it's big eyes and tiny mouth. It looked like a opossum! In the truck! Staring right at me without blinking or moving! Frozen in what I can only hope is as much fright as froze me!

I called to my husband, a casual "there is something weird in the truck" kind of calm comment, which being the much worked on and worried over project, he quickly came to see. He stood behind me and the creature disappeared.

Oh. Um. Hmmm.

I moved him to stand a bit away from me and the thing was back! My husband and I started laughing because the second sighting was much clearer.

Not a opossum.

Just the reflection of our monkey cookie jar that just so happened to be at the right spot to appear to be in the truck cab. I'm not too proud to admit that the reflection creature's image is burned into my mind and it's pretty close to the scariest thing I've ever seen.

A opossum would have been preferred!

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  1. That is awful! Would have totally scared me. Plus, your daughter made me watch, Celebrity Ghost Stories. I do not approve!