Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The School Bells Are A Ringing

And I am so sad!

I have never been one of those Moms who counts down the days of summer, eager to have the kids head back to school. I hate school. Yes, still, after having been out of school for 19 years, I hate it.

I dread the first day. I feel anxious and nauseous and you'd think I was the one who had to go. I've never taken a first day back to school picture, partly because it's a day of mourning that I don't want to remember. It's not a widely held opinion, possibly only held by me, but for me it is and always will be, a sad day!

Today is the first day of high school for my daughter. High school! Last night I helped her pick out an outfit, I ironed her clothes, and we discussed how she should do her hair. We looked up the bus routes, only to become wildly confused (Route 27 is the Old Route 3 and that sort of thing) and then we were extremely thankful that we could call her bus driving Grandpa for help. She wrote the route number on her hand, and taped to our back door a list of do not forgot items.

This morning, her dad woke her up before he left for work, just to say have a good day. I skipped my walk so I could be here all morning to give encouragement and do whatever I could to calm her nerves. Before I was ready, she was putting on her backpack, getting her water bottle out of the fridge, and waving goodbye as she left for the bus stop.


Now, who is here to calm my nerves? Thank God for a cup of strong coffee and some yummy buttered toast, because all I can think about is I have to do the first day of school thing all over again tomorrow for my son.....but at least it should be easier. I ironed all his clothes yesterday and he only wears his hair one way!

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  1. sweeetttt... :) u made me rememba ma skul days...
    Nd i must appreciate ua writin skills.. :) really gud..
    keep writin.. :) will keep visitin 4 more