Saturday, September 10, 2011

Ten Years Gone, But Not Forgotten

Ten years gone, but not forgotten.

September 11 seared images into my mind that I will never un-see. I read stories that I will never un-read. I felt such horror that I will never un-feel. When I see those towers with their plumes of smoke, I immediately sink back to that September morning when I turned on the TV, like ten years have not gone by and the shock at the tragedy unfolding is still fresh.

I think it would be worse to forget.

I will not.

Not just the attacks, but on a personal front, I will always remember my husband coming home and putting on his uniform, of me stuffing things into his spit kit and encouraging the kids to write or draw a picture for Daddy to take with him, of watching him drive away and not knowing where he was going.

There are people who lost their lives through the attacks, there are people who lost their lives running in to rescue others, there are people who lost their lives in the last ten years fighting a never ending war, and each one of their lives is important to remember.

The world doesn't stop when grief strikes. It can't, otherwise it would never go again. But I really feel that September 11, 2001, the world froze in shock for a several moments.

And it when it resumed it's spinning, it was changed. We were changed.

I will walk out into the dew wet grass this morning, I will lift my eyes to the sun rising, and I will pray for loved ones lost, loved ones left behind. I will pray for wisdom and strength for leaders. I will pray for safety and protection for soldiers. I will thank God for the blessings I have.

Ten years gone, but never forgotten.

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