Thursday, September 13, 2012

Speaking Of Mugs

I might not have realized that I have a personal coffee mug at home, but at work, that goes without saying.  When I had a beagle mug, no one questioned that it was mine.  When I had a mug with photo's of my children, no one thought twice that I kept it at my desk and not in the staff kitchen.

Sadly, both of those mugs have met the broken handle fate, and while they wait for super glue to fix what ails them, I have had to resort to bringing a different cup to the office.

It is not as cute as my beagle cup or as sweet as my kid cup.  It is plain, white, with a blue band, and always reminds me of a mug from a diner.  Therein lies the embarrassment.

It could be a cup from the communal coffee mug shelf at the office.  But it's not.  It is mine.  I keep it at my desk, I wash it myself and never leave it sitting around taking the chance it could be used by another.  I have had several uncomfortable moments when I wanted to wash it (by myself) and a co-worker kindly offered to wash the cup for me.  Then I stand there waiting for it to be washed, so I can take it back to my desk, to be kept in wait for the next days use.

Tonight, it was washed by another, and it was put in the dish drainer, because that is were all the other mugs were hanging out.  I had to finish up some other things at my desk so I left it in the kitchen, for a brief, agonizing minute.  I worried the entire time that someone was picking it up to use.  As I walked out the door, I picked it up and put it in my purse.

Weird?  Possibly....

But tomorrow morning I will walk back in, withdrawal my mug from my purse, and fill my cup up before I walk to my desk.  This might work out pretty well!


  1. In some weird way, I totally get that!

  2. All things coffee are alien to me, but I can certainly understand wanting to keep your mug to yourself. As the only Diet Dr. Pepper addict at my job, I never have any fear that someone will mistakenly drink from or otherwise befoul my DDP bottle. ;)