Monday, September 10, 2012

The Thing That I Saw This Morning That Was Scary

I guess I am predisposed to dislike this time of year because I am very aware of the darkening of days.  As I walk my dogs at 6 a.m. the dawn is further and further away.

I do not like the dark.  While I relish the early morning day-lit walks, I dread early morning dark walks.

I hear spookier sounds in the dark and I see freakier shapes.

I'm always on alert for other dogs running loose.  We once had a very bad big dog experience, and this morning in the dusky start of sun rise....

I saw a big dog.

Like the rabid dog from "To Kill A Mockingbird," this dog stood splay legged, head down, a block and half and across the street from us.  It was big and dark and seemed to be staring into my soul.

I gripped the leashes tighter while my three girls remained oblivious.

We got closer and closer and the dog remained where it was, menacing and odd.....

And then we were passing it and the dog was miraculously transformed into a regular garden variety lawn chair.

My imagination runs wild in the dark....

Or maybe, I need new glasses!


  1. Oh, that's terrifying. Did you scream? I would have screamed. This is so funny I read it out loud to my husband because he kept asking what I why I was snorting.

    1. I didn't scream, mostly becuase my heart jumped up to my throat!

  2. OH MY scary! I don't like those kind of walks either. I'm the same in the evening.

    1. Same here, but my evening walks are usually with my husband and I just squeeze his hand when I get startled!

  3. Oh my ... that is scary. But I have to admit I giggled too . (:

  4. Wow, you are so brave, I think I would have turned and run! But the lawn chairs can be dangerous too ;-)

  5. It's weird the tricks our mind can play on us. I kind of admire the fact that you kept walking toward it, even thinking it might be a rabid dog.