Monday, September 17, 2012

First Illness Of The Last Year

My son has always dragged home any virus that was making its rounds through the school, and this last year of school is no exception.  He started last week with a little headache sinus pressure thing going on.  The weekend saw him feeling less and less chipper, and by last night he was dragging.

I knew today, before he even got out of bed, that he wasn't going to make it to school.  I've got him tucked up in bed, water and tylenol within reach, and I'm about to leave for work.

I'm minutes away, and he is 17 years old, but I guess I will always want to stay home when one of my kids is sick.

He does have strict instructions to call me for anything, and I'll be home at's not the same as being downstairs and able to hear him if he needs something, but it will do.

Besides, knowing him as I do, he will sleep all morning and won't even notice if I'm here or not!


  1. It is kind of sad when they get old enough that they don't really need us to stay home from work when they are sick. Plus, they were a GREAT excuse to call in sick! Hope he feels better!

  2. yeah lots of kids my way have been experiencing first school year viruses--hope he's all better soon :(

  3. No matter how old you get you always want your mum when you are ill.

  4. I remember when my oldest started school, I made an entry in my journal about how it was obvious that sending the kids to school was going to be just like sending them into a petri dish.

    Hope yours feels better soon. I'm down to one at home and sort of miss the minor illness hanging out all day with the kids days.