Monday, September 24, 2012

Like A Good Neighbor

Our neighborhood isn't one for block parties or social gatherings much beyond nodding to each other and an occasional meet up at the shared fence.

But we are good neighbors....making sure homes are secure when vacations are taken.....leashing run-away dogs and walking them fact, my first introduction to one of our neighbors was an early morning, me in my pajamas, him on the back porch, holding our little Sadie and telling me he'd found our puppy.

We've commiserated over parking woes and neighborhood break-ins and we've shared fire works on the fourth of July and huge amounts of fresh ripe cherries.  We're neighborly.

Friday morning I left the house, late for work, in a hurry, and as I drove away, I realized that it was garbage day, and our can was still up by the carport.  Oh well, it was too late for me to do anything about it.  Next week would have to be two cans.

But when I arrived back home that night, our can was out in the alley with all the other cans.  Maybe I hadn't noticed it this morning?

Our neighbor came over later to ask if it was okay that when he noticed our can was missing from the group, he dragged it down for us.  Was it okay?  Oh, yes!  Beyond okay, even.  Feel free to bring it out any Friday we forget.

After all, it's what any good neighbor would do!


  1. I LOVE neighbors like that! Our neighbor on one side is kind of like that too. Very very thoughtful, but talks A LOT!! Sometimes I have to "call" my husband on the phone to give him a reason to excuse himself. I know, that's bad. But . . .

  2. Yay for great neighbours. At our first house we didn't really get on with our neighbours, after all their child vandalised our car by playing naughts and crosses on the bumper! At our current house we get well with most people on our little corner we don't live in each others houses but we will water plants and pur bins out for each other. How life should be don't you think?