Saturday, September 15, 2012

Movie Quotes

When I was younger, my sisters and I came up with the movie quote game....we should have patented it since now you can buy a game that is the same idea. Basically, we'd take turns trying to stump each other on quotes from movies. And back then, we had our brains stuffed full of them!

I have fond memories of giving the quote, "Run, Forest, run!" and one of my sisters was completely blank. In her defense I think it was in the morning. I seem to remember her standing by the toaster, and mornings are not her best time!

My kids, my son in particular, love this game. Unfortunately, I'm running out of brain space, and my kids are not, so I often can't think of a quote, and too many times am stumped by theirs.  It doesn't help things that as they have grown, they are drawn to obscure, independent films, most of which I have not seen.

Give me a good old tried and true classic, and I'm about 33% positive I'll be able to guess it.

Now, ask me if I can rattle off celebrity baby names....sadly, that I can do!


  1. Yes, but recently L. gave me one that totally stump me and it was very similar to "Run, Forest, Run!". I hate this game! :)

  2. I devote a much-too-large part of my brain to celebrity trivia. :)

  3. I love trivia games! Although I would suck at celebrity baby names :)

  4. I am uterly certain that I woud be useless at this game! I would only be able to come up with obvious quotes, as for guessing, ha!

  5. I have an ex-client/resident from the halfway house who will randomly throw out quotes from The Breakfast Club every time he sees me in town. He will say one line and I give him the next. For some reason, this delights us both. He is 20 and I am 44 and we have bonded over a nearly 30-year-old movie.

    I would be not terribly great at general movie quotes, though--I don't know if I've seen anything in the past ten years that I've not fallen asleep in front of. ;)