Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The First Day Of Fall?

I am shaking the wrinkles
Out of packed away sweaters
And folding up summer capris
The furnace switch has been
Flipped back to on
To keep our mornings warm
The calendar proclaims
It was the first day of fall
On Saturday, September 22
But by my own schedule
It's fall when I pull out the tights
And I'm holding off 'till October 1.


  1. I was "this close" to asking my husband to make a fire in the fireplace the other day - - and thought I just need to hold on til October 1!

  2. I can deny it every which way, but the colors outside my window are SCREAMING fall. :)

  3. Autumn has arrived here too. It's official the fleecy pj's and thermal vests are out!! Just wish it would dry up for a while so the leaves will go crunchy :-D