Monday, January 7, 2013

A Rational Irrational Fear

Sometimes, when I'm not feeling good and my dogs have turned clingy and can't be apart from me, even if it's just my husband who wants to sit with me, and they will give him a not very good natured growl, I will have an irrational fear that they know it's more than just me under the weather and I'm actually deathly ill and they can sense it.

As irrational fears go, it's actually pretty well based in rational.  What about those cats at nursing homes that seem know when residents are about to pass?  Or dogs that can tell when their owners are about to have seizures?

So when they cover me like a warm dog blanket, and there is excessive sniffing around my ears and eyes, I can't help but think it's a brain tumor.  Then I hear Arnold Schwarzenegger say in his best "Kindergarten Cop" voice, "It's not a tumor!" and I'm back in reality.

Arnold's right.  It's not a tumor.  And based on how close my lips came to being licked when the dogs thought I'd fallen asleep, I think they were really that clingy  because I had cracker crumbs on my person.


  1. Having the dog lick my lips while I'm trying to sleep is almost as scary to me as a tumor. For what that's worth.

  2. Phew, momentary panic. Glad it was just cracker crumbs :-)