Wednesday, January 9, 2013

How Do I Look?

Do I look like I've walked in the rain
With the wind blowing and rising and teasing
My hair into the spokes of the umbrella
And the only option is to painfully sever
Connection of stray hair and head?

Do I look like I should have driven
Taken a peek at the weather
And decided to err on the side of dryness and warmth
To arrive at work still perfectly coiffed
Without damp tights and soggy shoes?

Do I?

But I don't regret the loss of
Hair or dry shoes
The walk was invigoratingly nice
In a lovely stormy sort way.


  1. very nice!!! makes me want to walk in the rain :)

  2. I agree: sometimes it's nice to walk in the rain. :)

  3. I looked that way too, yesterday. And I didn't even walk.

  4. I've been looking like that everyday here on campus.. there are so many puddles and just no time to avoid them..plenty of wet toes and my hair... let's not even go there.

  5. There is an enormous difference between walking in the rain in July and walking in the rain in January. You're a brave, positive thinking soul.

  6. I've been at job interviews for two days so walking in the rain has been a no-no (unless I wanted to look like Alice Cooper!), as much as I really wanted to! I love walking in the rain! :)

  7. Lovely. Makes me think I should just let my hair go frizzy and enjoy the rain. :)

  8. The rain doesn't matter as much on the way home at least. Glad the walk was invigorating!