Friday, January 25, 2013

Savor Small Romantic Moments

I am not a firm believer in fortunes or palm readings or what the stars may plan out for me.  I do my own thing: good or bad or indifferent, it's all me.

Today I opened a small chocolate and tossed the wrapper in the trash quickly and without hesitation as I popped that candy in my mouth.  The second chocolate I ate slower and in doing so, realized the wrapper was telling me something.

It said, "Savor small romantic moments."

Ah, that is something I can get behind 800%.

I will savor a bowl of popcorn with my sweetie by my side, the TV on to one of our million DVR'd shows, snuggled together on the love seat, side by side, hearts still twined after 20 plus years.

I am going to savor the hell out of all the little things that make up this great big wonderful thing we call love.  And after so many years, I'm not about the red roses and love cards.  I'm more about the dishes done, the car gassed, the kids loved, the dogs fed, and the popcorn made.

It's the simple things that warm my heart the most.

Although, come to think of it, roses are a nice, simple gesture!

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  1. You're right: the simple things are best. :)