Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Recounting Our Blessings

Over the weekend, my family gathered to celebrate the birthday of one pretty awesome person: my Grandma.  We hugged, we ate, we sat around telling her our favorite memories, things that she has done for us that we carry in our hearts always, we rejoiced and we laughed.

My Aunt and Mom said they know they have the best Mom in the world, and they are good mothers only because she taught them how.  The generational gap closed in that moment because I have said that same thing about my own Mom.  She's the best, and I'm the mother I am because she showed me.

Then Grandma said that was nice, and thank you girls, but actually she had the best Mom in the world, and she is a good Mom because her Mom showed her how.

This lineage of good Mothers has deep roots and strong branches.  I looked around the room at my cousins and our children, and I know it will keep on growing.  We've been blessed with an enduring example, taught from Mother to child, and a love that just keeps flourishing.