Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Have A Typhoid Mary Christmas

I don't know if anyone else ever writes a post, then forgets they wrote it and it never gets published and then later you read it and think, why didn't I post that?  Well....this is something I wrote days before Christmas and I can't believe I didn't post it! 

My family passes around the stomach flu at Christmas like it is a treasured gift and everyone should have a chance to share it.  Young, old, cousin or sister, we shake hands and hug and the next thing you know, we've got the whole clan laid out with the flu.

I try to not be that person, the one with hand sanitizer and lysol wipes, the one acutely aware of how much contact I've had with a sick person, but I can't help it.  I go from the idea that a little bit of dirt never hurt anyone, to wiping my house down with a bleach solution in a split second when I learn of the illness sweeping through our ranks.

One family has fallen, another is half gone.  Only time will tell if we all succumb.....

Meanwhile, my house is squeaky clean.  That's the only benefit of this holiday season sickness!

Turns out it was a relatively mild illness, and thankfully, most of us survived unscathed.  I did feel sick for a week, but I know it was all in my mind.  I'm highly susceptible to the idea of nausea!


  1. I love your title! (So glad your illness wasn't as bad as a typhoid!)

  2. I'm still waiting for the plague to hit. I feel like Moses during Passover. Everyone around us is dropping, but nothing yet. Sorry the germs found you guys! Here's hoping they all leave soon.

  3. I got the going-around stomach virus at the beginning of this week. It was quick-moving but miserable while it lasted. Glad it skipped you this time around.

  4. Us on the other hand, clods on and off all Christmas and now I have finally succumbed! Glad you avoided it ;-)