Thursday, January 17, 2013

I Spy

I spied a dollar in the road on my walk to work.

I spied a fur trimmed hat tied to a fence on my walk home.

I picked up the dollar......I looked around and didn't see a soul and it was soaking wet giving proof to the fact that it was outside for a long time......

I left the hat where I spied it......I gave it a long look at first because I thought it was an animal in the dusky sunset shadows and then at second glance because it looked like my son's raccoon "skin" hat, but the third look proved it wasn't alive or mine and long held fears of lice kept me from walking near it (did I mention it was tied at head height?)....

Now the dollar burns a hole in my pocket, suggesting I give it to worthy cause and no, the tip jar at my coffee stand isn't going to cut it.

The hat, even from a distance, still gives me shudders.


  1. What'd you spend it on?

    Thanks for linking up! :D

    1. It's still crumbled up in my purse!

  2. uh, yeah. I wouldn't have picked up the hat either.

  3. Fuzzy hats in general are kind of scary, but fuzzy hat on a fence is a whole other level of creepiness. You made an excellent decision.