Saturday, April 5, 2014

E Is For Eek!

Biggish house spiders are the worst.  Well.  Not worse than bats flying through the living room or 16 inch rats living behind dishwashers, only one of which I've actually experienced.  Thankfully, just bats.  But biggish house spiders who suddenly appear right were you are, as if they are getting extreme chuckles out of the fright you have been given, those spiders are pretty close to the worst.

We have had a rash of sightings.  One when I was sweeping and lifted something off the floor only to throw it back down and jump and stomp when I realized I was pretty much holding a spider in my bare hand.  Then one crawled out from under the printer while my daughter was at the computer.  I had to come home to capture and release it because my brave, fearless, daughter was freaked out

The next day I found one in the bathtub.  I once again caught it and took it far from our house to let it go in the wild outdoors.

But now, actually, it has been in the bathroom for months, this plastic spider ring that has moved from three different spots all over the bathroom and hasn't scared me at all, well, now it startles me Every. Single. Time.

I guess I should move it, but there's nothing like fright to jump start you awake in the early morning hours.  Better than coffee!

Well, let's not get carried away.


  1. Spiders and Centipedes and other creepy crawlies have no place in the house. The worst is when I'm running late and about to step in the shower and I spot one crawling around. The spider ring is cute. It would definitely scare me especially since I tend to walk around very nearsighted in the morning.

  2. EEK is right I hate, HATE spiders in the house. I don't mind them outside but that is where they need to stay!

  3. Visiting from A/Z; I don't mind too much spiders, but don't let me see a mouse or rat.

    Good luck with the rest of the challenge.


  4. Truly jumpstarting your day...I admire that. ;)

  5. Oh heck no! That spider ring would be in the trash if it were in my house LOL! I HATE spiders! I would rather see bats (although with the risk of rabies they might be more dangerous in the house than spiders are), rats, mice or snakes over spiders... spiders are the worst! I may be biased though because my brother got very, very sick from a spider bite... He's fine now though.