Thursday, April 17, 2014

O Is For Only

Since our son moved out, our daughter has become an only child who is doted on by her parents.

I never thought I'd be that kind of parent.  But I guess it's just a reverse order of how it was when our son was our only child, before his sister joined us on our family adventure.  Back then, he did rule the roost, but in the more subtly way that babies have of taking over everything and making bed time at 8 seem like the most wonderful idea ever and a day not covered in someone else's excretions a day to celebrate in grand style (McDonalds)!

Now days, our daughter has been known to suggest dinner (pancakes, please?) and I say sure.  She picks the movies we see as a family (no sibling to argue that it's a 'girl' movie).  She sits in the middle of the back seat so she can talk to us easily as we drive places and no-one complains that she is invading his space.  And when she asks if she can spend all summer in France, we say yes.

It will be only me and the dogs for huge chunks of the summer, but I'm okay with that.  I am so excited for her!

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  1. Though my 4 are all older I have really enjoyed the years with the last one, as you say feeling like having an only child, it has been great to be able to just be with her.