Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Y Is For Yes

My daughter and I love going to Costco.  We savor our trips up and down the wide aisles.  We love saying funny things like, "Let's buy this tub of sour cream," and then laughing because there is no way we could used even a quarter of that tub before it goes from sour to spoiled.  That might only be funny to us!

The best part though, is the free samples.  We all know it.  We all eagerly converge on the food tables at the end of the aisles, checking out whether it looks good enough to try.  Today she tried the gluten free cookie, and I did not.  She said I choose correctly: it left a weird taste in her mouth.  We both skipped the gluten free granola and some kind of healthy nutrition bar.  But then we saw it.

Mini Tacos.

There was one left.  My daughter asked me if she should try it and I said yes.  As she reached for it, the lady put one more out.  Mine!   We stood in the aisle, sort of blocking people, while we tasted a little bit of heaven.  She said she could eat mini tacos every day.  I said we needed a box.

We texted Dad at home to preheat the oven, we were bringing dinner home.   Turns out, mini tacos are even better when heated in the oven!  Oh so delicious!

We almost always say yes to one sample we try.  This one just might be the best of the best.

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