Tuesday, April 1, 2014

A Is For Arlington

A is for Arlington, and Oso and Darrington, my home town and community, small populations, where we know each other or know we have friends in common.  I never thought we'd make headlines, national news, international news...but we have.

It's been ten days since the first sirens echoed through town, signalling something bad had happened.  The Oso Mudslide that wiped out a neighborhood and a mile of State Route 530 has devastated us.  The number of missing shocked us, and as the days have passed with no signs of life, the loss of hope has dragged us down, but it hasn't stopped us.

We are a community of helpers, of volunteers, of givers, of sharers.  If the shirt we are wearing is needed, we gladly hand it to our neighbor.  Sadly, we are now proving this very thing.

People all over the country have donated, have rushed supplies to us, and every single gift, every single prayer, is much needed and so much more appreciated.  Thank you isn't enough, but it is heartfelt, and deeply meant.

Donations accepted at United Way of Snohomish County and Cascade Valley Hospital Disaster Fund.


  1. I'm sorry this happened to your community. We have heard of it on the news of course. Dropping by from A to Z.


  2. I think that what is inspirational is how many people donate, help, etc. with all these tragedies. Here in Colorado with fires and floods, this is true as well.

  3. I've sat glued to the tv whenever a news report about Oso comes on. The same with 9-11. And the too-many school shootings. It's as if I HAVE to watch, to educate myself how to pick up and start over when the unthinkable happens. I don't know how people do it.

    Visiting from A to Z

  4. Visiting from that overwhelming and vast list for the A to Z Blog challenge. You have a gorgeous family....all the best with the blog challenge

  5. I'm so sorry this tragedy has struck so close to home. I hope you and your loved ones are all okay. Everyone affected are still in my prayers.

  6. Sorry to hear that something so tragic has occurred so nearby. When I first heard the news reports, I wondered if any of my Washington bloggy friends were close by. As you said, it is truly heartening and inspiring to see the way that people can come together in times of crisis such as these. It's always interested me how the worst can bring out the best in so many.