Monday, April 21, 2014

R Is For Rachel McAdams

My daughter and I have super crushes on Rachel McAdams.  She is so cute, so lovely, so funny, so talented, and thanks to Google I now know only four years younger than me.   I've liked her for years, but last summer my daughter and I watched "About Time" and loved it so much, we watched it again.  And then we went home and pre-ordered it so when it was released to DVD, we'd have our own copy.

We discussed the move at length, dissecting the plot, analyzing the themes, agreeing that my first grand daughter should be called Kit-Kat and white isn't the be all color for a wedding dress. We forced a boyfriend and a husband to watch what I am sure they both termed a "girl movie."  We wiped away tears and laughed at clever jokes and enjoyed the heck out of it every time we see it. 

But most of all we talked about a certain floral pant that Rachel wears.  The moment we saw her in those pants, we both sighed longingly.  Those pants were so perfect.  But we agreed they aren't perfect for everyone.  Who else, but the very darling Rachel McAdams could pull off floral pants?

Not me.  Not her.  But that didn't stop me from directing her attention to every single pair of flower patterned pants we saw as we have shopped.  We joke, "Only Rachel," as we leave them behind on the rack.

Until I saw a lovely pale blue pair of pants, with tiny dark blue flowers, and I sort of bullied my daughter into trying them on.  Later, when I wandered by her dressing room and asked how things were going, she said they were good, she was getting the pants.  I asked if I could see (we have an understanding since she reached a certain age that I don't need to see the clothes, I trust her judgement) but this time I was so excited to see her in these pants, I asked.  And she agreed.  And I was right: she looks lovely.

From that moment on, these pants are called The Rachel McAdams Pants.  

I may be living out my floral pants dreams vicariously through her!

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