Tuesday, April 22, 2014

S Is For Sorry

I have Stared at this blank page for ages, trying to come up with my S word for today.  I tried Student awards, because we just watched our daughter accept Advanced French Student of the Year and AP History Student of the year.  I tried Secret Service because our Small town was crawling with them today due to the President's visit.  I gave the idea of Salad or Snape or Snuggle ups or Staying Oso Strong a go, but Sadly, they all sat like unmotivated lumps with the first Sentence.  So I have given up.

Sorry!  Today is not a day of literary genius for me!


  1. I've had a day or two like this! Writing ~Something~ is better than pre-scheduling a post & then forgetting to actually write anything for the letter - I'm guilty!!

  2. I have felt those unmotivated lumps along the way this month. I'm pretty sure they show through on those particular posts. But you did so well with yours. Love your blog. You motivated me to go find out who Rachel McAdams was. I recognized her when I saw her, but didn't know who it was. I may have to go and check out "About Time." Watched the trailer. It looks pretty cute. See how much you motivated me to do. Thanks. Have a great continued A to Z challenge. Maria, Delight Directed Living