Thursday, January 6, 2011

I'm Glad To Be Fat

I know right now my hubby is reading this tittle and going to say to me, "stop being so mean to yourself!"

Well, today I'm not using the "F" word in a negative way.

Today, I am literally rejoicing in the way I look!

What's so different about today?

Nothing really. I was just struck with the idea that I am so blessed beyond measure in this life to have all I need, more than I need actually. I do not go to bed hungry and I do not tuck my kids in at night and hear their stomachs growl.

Today I am thankful for this extra padding. In olden days, it was a sign of prosperity and wealth. In the grand scheme of things, it still is.

The "F" word is so much better than the "S" word.


I'll stick with my chubby self, thanks.

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