Tuesday, January 4, 2011

I Dream In Wii

I got a Wii for Christmas. I've wanted one for years, but just as I did not jump on the CD or DVD bandwagon, I waited for a couple of years before I asked for a Wii and got one.

I love it! I love bowling and golf and cycling and I adore the fit plus program. I've worked out every day, gladly and eagerly since Christmas, nothing like before, when I had to drag myself out of bed to force myself to work out.

The only problem has been that when I go to sleep at night, I've begun to dream in Wii. It's like I'm viewing my dream through the square of a TV set and I've got the remote in my hand to push A to go, go, go. The music from the step class is the soundtrack playing softly as I dream.

Every time I wake up in the night, I remind myself that I get to do the Wii in the morning. I don't need to dream it too......

But I still do. It's not a bad thing, exactly, just really unusual.

I'll take Wii dreams over monster dreams, that's for sure!

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