Sunday, January 2, 2011

How Many Books Do You Read In A Year?

Last January, my husband came home and asked if I thought I read 100 books in a year.

I snorted and said of course I do and I set out to prove it.

So I did. And I'll be honest, in March and April, I was not convinced I could read 100 books. It felt like I was stuck in the low 30's and I had no time to read.

Then it all came together and I started reading, reading, reading. Non fiction and fiction, 700 pagers and much smaller ones, old favorites and newly published, romance novels and books that made me think. I stretched myself to read more than just my usual.

I read 123 books, not counting cookbooks (which I read for fun) or magazines.

And out of those 123, I marked some with stars to say, these were really good books, read them again sometime.

11. On Agate Hill
12. Pleasure of a Dark Prince
18. A Reliable Wife
19. The Midwife
23. Black Magic Sanction
24. Silver Borne
29. Leafy Rivers
30. The Wives of Henry Oades
35. This Wild Land
45. The Scent of Rain and Lighting
48. All Creatures Great and Small
50. The Girl Who Chased the Moon
51. Post Secrets, Vols 1,2,3
54. Seduced by a Stranger
55. What I Did For Love
57. Soulless
58. The Sugar Queen
61. The Language of Secrets
62. Garden Spells
71. Magic Bleeds
72. MossRose
76. Calico Palace
89. Mockingjay
90. Vines of Yarrabee
91. Changeless
92. Blameless
104. Mermaids in the Basement
107. The Outlander
108. Between Earth and Sky
114. An Inconvenient Wife
117. Oh My Stars

But the only book I read all year, that I marked with Four Stars and have not stopped thinking about, is "The Things That Keep Us Here." All I'm going to say about it is that after reading it, I've stocked my pantry with rice and beans for emergencies and have a healthy dose of fear in regards to pandemics and whole flocks of birds dying for no reason. I'm talking to you, Arkansas.

2010 was a great year of reading! I can't wait to see what I'll find to read next.


  1. Thank you for posting your 'top' reads! I've been looking for 2011 books - An Inconvenient Wife looks amazing! Same with the 'rice and beans' books - The Things That Hold Us Here.

  2. Where do you find your books? I feel that I am always searching for a new book to read and here you have a whole list. Amazing! So not reading the 4 star book, I do not need to add to my crazy fears!