Friday, January 14, 2011

Death By Papercuts

In this horrible dry weather, my skin is suffering. My thumbs have cracks in them so bad I've got band-aids on both.

But to add injury to insult, I've gotten many, many paper cuts this past week.

For a job that is "going paperless", I've the cuts to prove that to be a lie.

What is it about a paper cut that stings so unmercifully? It's so small, it doesn't seem like it should hurt so much. But it does. It stings like a son of a gun.

So next time you see me, if I've got 4 out of ten fingers covered with band-aids, you can rest assured I'm only suffering from paper cuts.

Horrible, painful paper cuts, that hurt when I do anything: the dishes, chop onions for dinner, fold laundry, type on the keyboard, even when I push the buttons on my remote! I thought the answer might be to give up those things; but the laundry started to overflow and there weren't any clean spoons in the house.....

Plus, I'd miss Top Chef too much if I gave up the remote!

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