Friday, January 28, 2011

Friday Is For Cleanliness

Friday is my day off from work. I have been known to recline on the couch and read a good book all day long, but with the start of the new year, I have resolved to be productive for part of my Friday, so I can goof off the rest of the day into the weekend.

When the kids were babies, for the sake of my sanity, I had a cleaning schedule for each day of the week. I picked one thing for the day, only one, but getting that done made me feel like I could keep up with the housework and the kid-work.

Now they are teenagers, and I would have thought it would have gotten easier. After all, I've got 15+ years of practice, but I did start working outside of the home a few years ago. I have less time to get things clean.

And cleanliness is crucial to my happiness. I am not a crazy white glove type cleaner, but I do notice when it's dusty, when the floor is muddy, when the bathroom sink is toothpastey, and those things add up quickly! I am much calmer in a clean house.

I do not believe in New Years resolutions, so it's just a coincidence that I've started making Friday's my day to clean in this new year. But regardless, it sure feels good to work hard all morning, ending with a sparkling clean smelling house (which lasts about an hour before the dogs track in mud and the kids drop their school bags off on the table), and I enjoy my book reading time so much more.

Today is Friday. I've got a to do list a mile long, and a plan on how to go about it in an orderly fashion. There is nothing I like better than stepping back when it's all done, surveying my lovely hard work and having the satisfaction of a job well done.

In the immortal words of Hannibal Smith, "I love it when a plan comes together!"

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