Saturday, January 15, 2011

I Was So Hungry....

I was so hungry the other day at work, that the old candy cane that sits on the shelf above my desk was starting to look good.

And I hate candy canes.

To be exact, I hate peppermint. In all forms. The beauty of a candy cane, because it is so very lovely in its red and white shining glory, makes it's horrible taste that much more horrible!

But at 15 minutes till my lunch hour, that old candy cane, sitting there in the dusty recesses of the shelf, was starting to look pretty darn tasty. My mind started to think if I had more coffee, then the peppermint and coffee flavors might be like a tasty treat.

Or, I could hold out 15 minutes.

Wait! Even better. I could dig around in my purse and find a non-minty hard candy to tide me over.

Ahhh. Bliss.

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