Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Pomegranates: A Delicious Hassle

I would have never in a million years bought a pomegranate. Never. In the store, I never understood what they were, how you ate them, how you could tell if they were ripe or not.

Then my daughter tried one at a friends house. After that, all I heard about was how yummy they are.

Fine. I'll buy one. I'll cut it open. I'll be overwhelmed by all the seeds and how it's really a hassle to get them out and how the juice stains everything and how un-freaking-believably good it actually is.

So, I fell in love with the pomegranate, but not in love with the work it takes to get to the good parts.

Then I found pomegranate applesauce.

How easy is that? Peel off the tinfoil lid and voila, instant yumminess. I could eat it for dessert, it's so good.

I know, it's not a pomegranate, and but right now, in a non wanting hassles with my lunch, I am content!

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  1. I also love pomegranates, but have never had the guts to open one myself! I just eat them at a friend's house or at a restaurant. Good for you!