Saturday, January 22, 2011

Guard Your Coffee And Your Beer

We have discovered that coffee with cream in it is not the only beverage that should never be left unattended with our dogs.

Olive Badger has a fondness for beer.

While fairly humorous in theory, it's not quite so funny when it's your much loved dark beer being contaminated by a dog we affectionately call The Pooper due to her accidents and her questionable eating habits.

Emma and Sarah Beagle have never even wanted to try beer. They don't seem to like the way it smells. But Olive, well, that's a Beagle of a different color.

She's drawn to you and your beer like a Beagle to anything that might be edible, and will ease closer and closer and closer until you look down and realize your beer is in danger.

Luckily for her, we are responsible dog parents and while her sneaking a small taste was not deemed too naughty, we are not letting her drink more.....we've just got to warn everyone who comes over to guard their drinks.

The big dogs go for the cream, the little one goes for the beer, and on a hot day they all go for water. I'm starting to think we've got some ill behaved doggies......

Nah. They are sweet little angels, but just to be safe, let's not leave our drinks down at temptation level!

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  1. Finn has also discovered a taste for beer. And he LOVES it.