Saturday, May 12, 2012

I Am Not Winning Dog Mom Of The Year

It's a short story, very simple really, but it has rocked the worlds of my three pooches.

When I was doing laundry, somehow one of their stuffing-less toys got into the wash.  It is so old, it no longer has a head or tale, just an empty tube of furred indestructible material.  It is, rightly so, the  favorite toy.  It is loved and tossed high in the air and tug of warred over and snuggled with at night.

But I washed it.  Accidentally.  When it came out of the dryer, clean, I was shocked.  I hadn't realized it was that dirty before, but it's after photo is brilliantly clean.....that is, if I had found the camera and taken a picture.

As it is, you'll have to take my word for it.

So I tossed this washed toy back on the couch, in the pile with the other toys that are being hoarded and take up a full sized person spot, and I became disturbingly aware of how dirty the other toys were......

So I took them all and washed them.

Apparently, part of the love of these toys is their dirtiness.  The girls are not pleased.  They have sniffed their freshly laundered toys with much disdain and unhappiness.

This does surprise me.  Based on their love for diving into a pile of hot from the dryer clothes, I thought they liked clean things.

Their accusing eyes have corrected me of this wrong idea.


  1. LOL; I can see this; your act of kindness to make it clean washed away their familiarity with their beloved toys. Too cute!! I'm thinking they still do like you though!!

    enjoy tomorrow!


  2. LOL Cute post! They'll have the toys dirty again in no time. ;)

    Happy Mother's Day!

  3. Only one of our three dogs has ever really taken an interest in toys--he has a rope that originally had a hollow tennis ball attached to the end. He loved the tennis ball completely off recently so all that's left is the rope--it is so covered in grossness that it's gotten rather disturbing to touch it. Your post has made me reconsider the idea of washing it.

  4. Michelle, well, at least you are happy that the toys are clean! Sounds like what happens after we clean up one of the toys to our birds' cages, they won't mess with a toy after it's been washed for awhile!

  5. I, too, thought our dog would like a clean toy. Wrong! Dogs are stinky and I guess they like stinky. :-)

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