Friday, May 4, 2012

I'm Back On For Wins

I have had a gut feeling about whether every baby was a boy or a girl since my first born, and I have been right every time except for 3 years ago when I guessed a girl for my sister's third and he turned out to be a wonderfully perfect boy.

I should have changed my guess because I had a dream a few weeks before he was born, and instead of a girl, he was a boy.  I woke up and thought, "She's having a boy," and then I thought, "Don't second guess yourself," and I was wrong.

So for this last baby, my youngest sister's third, I've felt like it was a girl.  Just had a feeling.  But, I wasn't confident in that feeling after my one wrong feeling.  About four days ago, I dreamed that the baby had been born and I got a text from my Mom saying, "It's a girl!"

I decided to go with it.  I made my final guess and it was done up in pinks and frills........

It's hard to tell in this unisex hospital blanket, and she also looks identical to her big brothers, but I was right.  I'm back on for wins in the guessing baby game!
Welcome to the family baby RJC!  OhCho is going to spoil you rotten.


  1. Awwnn! She's so cute! Congratulations Aunty!

  2. Congrats to mother and baby. Looks so cute.


  3. How sweet. I can't wait for our granddaughter in September, our first grandchild!

  4. How adorable! Congrats to you all!

  5. So precious! Congrats to the family!


  6. Yay! Isn't aunthood one of the best gigs going? I love being a mom, but being an aunt is so much less complicated. ;)