Tuesday, May 15, 2012

I Don't Need No Stinking Patches

I don't need a patch.  I don't need a merit badge or anything thing that labels me as one of the gang.  More specific, I don't need anything that requires sewing on.

But my husband does.

It started out so simple: he needed his name tapes and other patches sewn onto his Coast Guard uniforms.  I could do that.  Easy.  Then they went from pinned on the collar crows, to tiny little scraps of material that still had to be pointed exactly right, only sewn onto collar tips.  I could still do that, and apparently I made it look easy because now I've got a huge patch to sew onto his club jacket. 

Yes, I've moved beyond military uniforms, and now I have the honor of sewing patches for my husbands motorcycle club.  

It is as much fun as it sounds.  

With the Coast Guard, I used to worry that I wouldn't have the tapes lined up perfectly straight or the company insignia would end up slightly off center.

Now I worry that I will sew over some important part of the club name.  This is a good worry to have.  Maybe it will keep me from rushing through the project.....which is how I usually sew. 

Faster, faster, faster!  Too fast.  Better rip those last stitches out......


  1. LOL; I'm thinking "I will give him the thread and needle and let him sew on the patches". I can't tell you the last time I sewed a button back on or did any type of mending. Worse yet, I don't even know where our sewing kit could be.


  2. i am impressed--those kind of things are hard to sew on!!

  3. I make my husband do his own sewing. LOL ;)

  4. It turned out great (ever so slightly off center) but otherwise great! And for the smaller patches that have to be hand sewn, my husband does that himself. If it requires the sewing machine, that's my gig!

  5. The oldest used to be in CampFire and those patches, oh, those tough patches that had to be sewn on. I finally found a tailor to sew them on for me. Whew!