Monday, May 21, 2012

The Job Of Licking Envelopes

Whenever I lick an envelope, I always think of George Kastanza's fiance dying from that very thing.  I just licked an envelope and I feel like I might be poisoned.  My husband says it's all in my head, thus it is his job to lick all envelopes.

Or buy one of those wet envelope sealer things.

He's just going to keep licking em.

But what about when I am at work?  He's not there to lend a lick.....luckily our office has invested in pre-gummed envelopes and I usually don't have to taste adhesive.  When it is unavoidable, I lick fast, risking little poison but tremendous paper-cuts!


  1. Someone should invent flavored adhesive :)

  2. LOL; that was a classic Seinfeld episode, wasn't it? I can't tell you the last time I licked an envelope between paying bills online, etc. It certainly is a lost art in my book :)


  3. Pour tiny bit of water from wattle bottle onto finger. Dap envelope sealing thingy with finger. No risk of poison, unlikely risk of paper cut, high risk of wetting envelope contents. I say it's worth it?

  4. I never thought about envelope licking to be dangerous, don't think I'll lick one again.


  5. I think the same thing every time I have to seal an envelope!

  6. This is so funny! I was just paying bills yesterday and it crossed my mind that someone could have poisoned the glue. Plus, it just tastes plain nasty!