Friday, June 4, 2010

A Case Of Taste Versus Texture

I have loved those huge chewy pieces of bubble gum for as long as I can remember. As an adult, though, I tend to buy mouth freshening gum because #1 it makes my breath minty fresh and #2 my jaw doesn't always like to work overtime chewing a massive wad of bubble gum.

Sad but true. Doesn't stop me from loving it though!

Part of what I love about Seaside is this crazy candy store that sells every kind of yummy or gross candy you can think of. It has a rack devoted to gum and at the top I saw something I haven't seen in ages.

Hubba Bubba. That is the gum I remember from being a kid! Usually in a grape flavor but I decided to stay old school and go with original pink bubble gum. I also grabbed a pack of my favorite Bubblicious Sour Apple.

I could hardly wait for the drive home, so I could chew a piece of Hubba Bubba. When I asked for a piece, my daughter dutifully dug around in my black hole of a purse (that might have to be a blog of it's own!) and pulled out the sweet smelling pink package.

I popped it in my mouth and bit down. Ugh. Taste, super fantastic. Texture, not so much. I kid you not, it was like biting into flesh. Now I know, people are going to start questioning my stance against cannibalism with that statement, but I ask you to be honest. I think we've all bitten someone we had strong feelings for! Love or hate, same coin. We know what it feels like, and I'm telling you, the texture of Hubba Bubba was bad.

Bad, bad, bad!

My Bubblicious is still super delicious. Don't worry about that!

Free to a good home: one package of Hubba Bubba Max in the Outrageous Original flavor, three pieces left. (As soon as I said it was horrible, my daughter had to have her own piece to see if I was right.....all I'm saying is she didn't ask for more!)

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