Saturday, June 26, 2010

I've Had A Vision

In a previous post I have mentioned I am a lotion junkie. I do not like having dry skin!

But in the course of a day, I wash my hands a lot. At work, it's because I work in a doctors office. The germs! When I babysit, it's because of dirty diapers. When at home, it's because I know where that dog has been and it's not clean or pretty.

All that hand washing means dry hands. I've tried having lotion on deck for afterwards, carrying some in my purse, leaving some in the kitchen by the sink, but it just hasn't worked out that I use it when I need it.

I was looking at my dry hands the other day, and was shocked to see "old lady skin". Now, don't deny it, you all know what I mean.

Instead of having a freak out that I'm getting older, I had a vision of my old lady hand holding his old man hand. The idea that I could be so lucky as to grow old with him, filled me to the bursting with gladness.

I'm still a lotion junkie, I still hate dry skin, but seeing signs of getting older does not distress me.

Bring it on. I'm looking forward to it!

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