Sunday, June 6, 2010

A House With One Bathroom

I recently started thinking about how I longed for a two bathroom house.

When we were in our first house, I would say we need to buy the next house with three bedrooms and two baths.....and then we walked through this old 1905 monster, with two upstairs bedrooms, an unfinished attic/future bedroom space, and a downstairs room that we use as a bedroom, and one old, weird, creepy bathroom......and we fell in love.

The bathroom, and kitchen actually, are very obviously tacked on additions to this old house. It started me thinking about how one bathroom was considered a luxury not too long ago. My Mom has stories of using a chamber pot at night on sleepovers to her grandmothers house. That wasn't that long ago!

I wanted two bathrooms because I could foresee a future of me doing a potty dance outside the bathroom door while one of our two teenagers took forever to get ready.....and that has happened.

One bathroom isn't always easy, isn't always a joy, isn't always something I love. But guess what? I've learned we don't need two bathrooms. We are thankful to have one!

Plus, I can barely keep up on the cleaning this one requires. I think I'd cry if I had two to clean!

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