Monday, June 7, 2010

The Last TP Roll Is The Fastest To Go

Why is the last roll of toilet paper in the house, the roll that disappears the fastest?

And yet, when you have a new package, you have days until it's needed?

I personally feel a sense of doom when I realize the last roll is hanging up and I have not remembered in any of my 4 recent trips to a store to buy another package.

The last roll goes from full to dangerously slim in what feels like minutes.

Now that the emergency four pack of cheap grocery store brand, minus one roll, and a new pack of my favorite double roll Quilted Northern is sitting in the bathroom, ready for use, it's not needed. It's been days, and we haven't needed to replace the roll.

Time seems different depending on desperation.

But to our future guests, please don't freak out. I really do keep a good supply of TP on hand. Usually. And always when we are expecting company. You won't ever have to do what Ben Stiller did in Along Came Polly.

Besides, I don't have antique towels or a loofah for you to use.

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